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Whether it's helping companies convey their brand message, or serving as a second voice of another person's unique personal story, my goal with each word piece is to offer readers fresh, innovative and easy-to-read content. As a digital writer and content strategist, my goal is to increase reader loyalty on digital mediums that vary from e-commerce websites, blogs, social media channels, and informational pieces like white papers.

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David Kessler's Top 4 Tips for Dealing with Holiday Grief

When grieving, do what feels right for you -- other people's expectations aren't relevant In his latest Facebook Live session with Legacy, grief expert David Kessler compares death to the Grinch from Dr. Seuss’s How The Grinch Stole Christmas. For many grievers, that’s how death feels — like a thief who has stolen the joy from their lives — and the months leading up to the holidays are some of the hardest to get through. Kessler notes that grievers are also often expected to find happy feeling

Shopping Smart: Easy Spend Hacks for Guy and Girls

These days, saving money seems to become the cool thing to do. Very far from the days you ran at the sight of your mom clipping coupons for hours at the kitchen table. Whether you want to keep your closet stocked small with more valuable but pricier things rather than hoarding all the deals you scored on things you’ll never wear, or whether you’re wanting to just be a savvy shopper because it’s the cool thing now, there are smart ways to keeping more of your hard-earned money. Regardless of you

You Lost Your Job, Now What? 3 Steps to Take When you Lose your Job

No one is ever happy to lose their job. You’ll never hear anyone say, “Hey, guess what? I lost my job!” For most people, it’s a traumatic experience that throws them off balance and into a pit of worry. So whether you’ve been fired out of the blue or have been anticipating being laid off, there are things you can do to prepare yourself for the murky weeks of uncertainty ahead. One of the most common reactions, when you’re let go from a job, is to panic. Your mind spills over its edges in a clut

Talking Contemporary Art with Emotionally-inspired Polish Artist Michal Rejner

I first met Michal in March during a local speakeasy art and poetry event hosted by 19Art81 at the chic Fulton Street Collective. That night, eclectic contemporary art by talented artists tastefully adorned the exposed brick walls of the Hubbard Street loft. Right by the entrance popped out Michal’s daring and captivating work. The rawness and realness of his art drew me in at first look and filled me with many questions. Michal’s paintings are colorful, but not childish, bold but not intimidati

Smart home safety: Does your smart home device meet expert safety standards?

Strip a smart home of its ornate lighting and technical capabilities – all those “wow’ factors – and what you should see is safety and reliability. True functional design cannot exist without considering safety first. A “pretty” smart home device is nice, but unless it assures safety and peace of mind, it’s useless. Safety of smart home products can be interpreted in many ways, but generally the word carries a guarantee that a connected device is safe to use and does not pose a threat to a home

4 Creative places to use your Fibaro Z-Wave sensor

Many people overlook the possibility of their toilet or tub leaking, but it’s actually a very common occurrence. However, since the sensor will most likely be more exposed by the bathtub, than for instance, behind a washer, the tamper protection and alert feature that the Fibaro Z-Wave flood sensor works great in these scenarios. For example, if your dog is too curious, the tamper alert would notify you if she happens to sneak in the bathroom and move the flood sensor, even if she just taps

Tire Balm & Protectant: Why You Should Choose Water-based.

A car’s tires are like legs. Without them, you can’t get around. No matter how fancy and detailed your car is on the inside, if your tires aren’t in good shape, the rest is insignificant. Tire safety also doesn’t always mean buying new tires - You can take care of older tires so they last you just as long as new ones. Taking care of your car’s tires is crucial to their lifespan, as well as your safety. Caring for your tires starts with regularly getting them rotated, making sure you check their

HOT TAKE: Artificial Intelligence and the Smart Home’s Future

Artificial Intelligence (AI), as it relates to the smart home, is already in “experiment” mode with voice command sidekicks like Alexa offering users a completely hands-free life. However, the smart home still has a long road ahead before it becomes completely integrated on an intuitive level, rather than a reactive one. AI in the smart home seeks to ultimately simplify life, not only by allowing connected devices to react via on-demand voice or touch commands, but to also be one step ahead.

What Happens when Fashion and Safety Meet? Wearables.

The weekend just around the corner! And for you ladies out there planning to go about town, you may want to consider incorporating smart jewelry into your evening ensemble. Jewelry and couture accessories have been a big part of highlighting a woman’s uniqueness for as long as the beauty mirror reflects back. We’ve been taught to keep ourselves pretty and presentable, but where does safety come into the mix? It wasn’t until around 2012 when accessories called “wearables” were introduced into th

Piper nv & Fibaro Motion Sensor

For those of you who already own the Piper smart security camera, or are thinking about expanding your home’s security features with smart devices, you can now double up your home’s security by pairing it with the Fibaro motion sensor. This is just one more (VERY big and epic) way to use the Fibaro motion sensor. Watch the 2 minute video below on how to easily bridge Piper nv (the newest version) with our motion sensor for the smartest home security option out there. It’s so easy that just abo

The Balance of Wellness

Founder of Wellness for Eternity, a one stop online shop for those seeking a healthier life, Karolina Dolecka is on a mission to make others healthier. Today she is one of Chicago’s most influential and unique wellness experts, as her unconventional tricks, tips and philosophies are still unknown to many. For Karolina, being healthy doesn’t mean just eating well, or stopping a wellness routine once you “look good”. It’s not even about maintaining a zen state of mind. In order to see real results
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In 2015, my life as an aspiring writer changed. That year, I collaborated with a few close colleagues and joined their team as an Editor for a local Polish-American print magazine they started from scratch. That was Revia Magazine. Unfortunately, the time for Revia came to an end much too soon - a mere two years after its launch. It was a tough time. 

However, the project and dream endeavor was not at all a waste of time. Over the two years as the lead editor, I learned valuable lifelong lessons no other opportunity to date had taught me. When I interviewed influential people for Revia cover stories or articles, I learned to listen not with my mind, but with full intent and awareness to what people were sharing with me. After all, they were telling me thier story. I found that the more I did that, the more I later enjoyed writing about and sharing their story. 

Today, Revia is continues on in a digital form - something my friends and I relaunched this summer. I look forward to continuing to listen to the Polish, as well as the rest of the Multi-cultural community and continuing to share their important stories. I have learned that there is a lack of knowledge and awareness about Poles living in America, and it's an honor to bring a fresh perspective to break any engrained stereotypes, mis-judgements or mis-information about Poles, and respectively, to educate young Polish-Americans about their culture and heritage and how they don't have to sacrifice it just to fit in modern American society.

Through my several years as a writer, and marketing professional, I've realized that no matter what I write about, I always learn something new each time my fingers tap the keyboard. Whether I'm communicating to the media a company's brand story, aiming to convert a social media follower to a potential consumer, or simply re-telling someone's personal life story, one thing for sure is I always enjoy educating and inspiring an audience through my writing. On a professional level, I thrive most when I can mix my creative writing side with my strategized marketing planning side to generate original, fresh, and innovative copy that reaches the right set of eyes at the right time. 

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